Design and Documentation Technician

Jordan Brown

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Design and Documentation Technician

Lynette Sykora

As a Technician on our Design & Documentation team, Lynette is our in-house artist and illustrator. Whenever we need something to be beautiful, charming, delightful, or cute, we turn to Lynette. This has led to her contributions to our UI/UX design work, illustrations and animations for presentations and software documentation, infographics, all the character drawings here on our Team pages, as well as designing our offices and workspaces.

Lynette holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in painting and drawing from Texas Women’s University.  She plays the classical bass, and also gives private music lessons.  

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“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

Pablo Picasso


Design and Documentation Director

Eric Clark


  • FileMaker 18
  • FileMaker 17

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Design and Documentation Expert

Heather McCue

As the Expert on our Design and Documentation Team, Heather brings her development chops and her graphical interface design skills to bear in helping to conceive and design professional-looking and sophisticated software solutions to support every sort of business process. She has been a presenter at the FileMaker Developer Conference repeatedly, as well the 2022 Pause on Error conference, and other gatherings.

Heather also enjoys baking elaborate cakes for weddings and other occasions. She is married to her husband, Bill, and is a mother of three and grandmother of three.


  • Claris FileMaker Certified Developer
  • FileMaker 18 Certified Developer
  • FileMaker 17 Certified Developer
  • FileMaker 16 Certified Developer
  • FileMaker 15 Certified Developer
  • FileMaker 14 Certified Developer
  • FileMaker 13 Certified Developer
  • FileMaker 12 Certified Developer
  • FileMaker 11 Certified Developer
  • FileMaker 10 Certified Developer
  • FileMaker 9 Certified Developer
  • FileMaker 8 Certified Developer
  • FileMaker 7 Certified Developer

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“Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded.”

Jess Lair