Script triggers unleashed: Mastering selections for maximum impact

A Presentation at Claris Engage 2024

Embark on a transformative journey to script trigger mastery with this enlightening session! This immersive experience addresses uncertainties surrounding trigger choices, guiding you through the art of selecting the ideal trigger for each task. Delve into the nuanced influence of field types on decision-making, gain clarity on the rules of timing and relative order, and witness the dynamic power that arises when combining triggers for custom results that exceed expectations.

Whether you’re a novice seeking clarity or an experienced developer eager to ignite creativity, this session is your gateway to script trigger excellence. Unveil a spectrum of examples, ranging from elegantly simple to intricately complex, offering inspiration and expanding your script trigger toolkit. Join this session for an engaging exploration that promises to transform uncertainty into confidence and elevate your scripting game to new heights.

Taking place in the McKinley Falls Park room.