Use JSON to Get Arrays

Tuesday, August 7 2018
Gaylord Texan Resort
1:30pm – 2:30pm

Session Description

JSON is the new lingua franca of inter system communication, including FileMaker’s Data API, but in this session, there are no APIs allowed. There are many other useful reasons to learn and understand JSON and integrate it into your system, even without an outside API. Use FileMaker’s native JSON functions to build a data-driven culture. JSON empowers you to create a database within a database. Organize data and move it quickly from where you have it to where you need it.

Recommended Background

Basic calculation, scripting, and function skills.

Session Objectives

    • Use FileMaker JSON functions to get started quickly
    • Understand JSON structure & syntax – {Objects} vs [Arrays]
    • Datapoint consolidation and schema alternatives—multiple script parameters, variable consolidation
    • Applying JSON to the real world