Designed, sealed, and delivered: A blueprint for crafting and implementing winning user experiences

A Presentation at Claris Engage 2024

For most developers, problem-solving is in our DNA, but do we consistently deliver maximum value to our users? This session will delve into the concepts and practical implications for Claris FileMaker developers who aim to elevate their work and enhance stakeholder relationships by adopting UX Design processes. This insightful presentation will explore the intricate journey of crafting a user experience that resonates with the target audience.

Heather McCue will lead a discussion around the process of securing customer approval and sign-off for the design and ensuring that deliverables are both successful and timely for all parties involved. Real-world case studies will be examined, showcasing projects that effectively balanced design, scope, approval, and delivery. These studies will provide insights into the strategies employed to ensure future-proof designs that leave a lasting impression and secure a competitive edge.

Taking place in the McKinley Falls Park room.