Transitioning to UX Design — A Mindset Shift

It was the monthly meeting of the Dallas FileMaker Pro User Group (FMPUG), and it happened in the Treehouse conference room at Harmonic. We heard Harmonic’s own Heather McCue presenting on UX design:

To most FileMaker developers, problem-solving is in our DNA, and toward this end, meeting the needs of our clients is a clear and obvious objective. But are we delivering maximum value by also meeting the needs of our users? UX (aka “design thinking”), which has been championed as the future of an integrative approach for everything from industrial design to systems-level change management, promotes at its core a “human-centered” design philosophy that will come as second nature to some, and will require some worthwhile shifts for others. We’ll explore — from the FileMaker developers’ perspective — the philosophy and process of the design-thinking process behind UX Design.

Heather McCue

Watch here: