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Engage Sesssions from two of Harmonic’s best:

Do you have a client (or your business) for whom Quickbooks Desktop is a vital component?

Please come by and talk to us. We are developing some new and powerful integration tools targeted specifically for Quickbooks Desktop users.

Are you looking for software ideas for your company?

  • Try our free, AI-powered diagnostic tool! (Now in Beta!)
  • Book a free Harmonic Brain Trust Session to discuss your toughest problems! You’ll participate with a team of our best people in an in-depth discussion of how to best tackle the problem you bring us.
  • Or if you think you might be ready to engage us, sign-up for a free one-on-one consultation with one of our top consultants!

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About Harmonic

We’re located in Dallas, Texas. We all work from the same office, and we think that distinguishes us among the development community. We take on big projects as a team, and we collaborate closely.

Here at Harmonic, we work with a variety of different technologies, though of course Claris FileMaker Pro has a been a specialty of ours since day one in 2004.

We have 5 teams that we use to distinguish between 5 different types of work.

FileMaker work is done by our FileMaker-certified Low Code Team, which also works with QuickBooks and other accounting packages and rapid development environments. The team also has certifications in Claris Connect and Claris FileMaker Server, as well as UI/UX design and project management.

Our App Technology Team excels at web app development, mobile app development, PHP Laravel projects, including API integrations between FileMaker and other technologies. 

Our Design And Documentation Team does requirements gathering, UI/UX design, documentation and training.

Our Business Practices Team provides a wide range of consulting, optimization and advice on a business systems level that is technology-agnostic.

Finally, our Managed Services Team handles software licensing and installation, server configuration, health and performance monitoring. Our AWS-Certified team also provides AWS and Azure cloud architecture and implementation services.

Our clients include companies you probably haven’t heard about, as well as a few you likely have, such as Lockheed Martin and Apple.

Harmonic hosts the monthly Dallas FileMaker Pro Users Group meetings at lunchtime on the first Friday of each month.

Coming Soon: our new updated website!